Asa Akira: Destruction of Her Award Winning Ass


So a guy walks into a bar and meets his friends. “So what did you get for lunch today, mate?’ asked his buddy. This guy answered “I had Japanese for lunch today, my dude”. Little did that friend know that he’s talking of Asa Akira offering up her fuck holes for him to stuff his dick in during lunch. It’s quite a lunch at work if you ask us. The guy had Asa Akira walking around the house, doing her strip tease routine. Asa shows how great her body is and at this moment, nothing can disprove this. This oriental beauty is about to spread apart and fucked hard in her every fuck hole. As usual, this started with a kiss like any other similar films. Except this time, Asa is actually initiating this to get fucked. The guy works his tongue downwards her body. Asa lies down on her back and spreads her legs wide open. The guy starts to eat her out. Eventually, they moved on the real thing. The guy now starts fucking her in a wild manner. Asa flipped herself over sometime and gets dragged to the floor to go on all fours. This went on for a while before they go back to the couch to do the same thing but this time, in a wilder manner. The man was nice enough to lick her clit in between those times. Asa needs some occasional lovin’ after all. They went back and from those and at some point, Asa got to ride his big dick. They went at it until they both got what they needed. Asa got the anal that she wants and the guy got the same thing and came hard at the end. He busts his nut deep inside Asa’s mouth for her to swallow.


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