Adriana Chechik There Is No Way ALL That Will Fit!


Adriana Chechik is an anal goddess clad in gold chains and surrounded by white angelic light. You can't help but be encapsulated by her green eyes, her luscious pink lips and mesmerizing smile. She removes her bottoms to invite you into her ass and pussy. Adriana can take anything that you throw at her, like, a shockingly thick glass butt-plug. She huffs and puffs and smiles as she squats down onto her huge butt-plug and fucks it showing her prowess and pretty pussy. She licks and tries to no avail to fit the massive butt-plug in her mouth, but why put that in her mouth when she can put it in her ass. Adriana smiles as she bends over and inserts the butt-plug inch by inch into her gaping asshole. With ease, she playfully puts it in and takes it out revealing her glorious gape. With the butt-plug firmly grasped by her asshole, she spreads her amazing pussy for you to see. A man comes in and appreciates Adriana’s round ass and begins to tap on her glass butt-plug and stimulating her asshole as she rubs her pussy. He plays with her and her butt-plug then removing it from her asshole so that she can get a taste and allowing her to show off her skillful mouth. He takes out his massive cock and she inserts her toy back into her asshole and proceeds to suck his cock. However, she decides that her toy is too much for her at the moment and concentrates fully on his cock, sucking and deep throating him until she has to come back out for air. They move on over to the couch where he brings along Adriana’s toy. He bends her over and shoves the butt-plug back in her ass as he slides his cock into her wet pussy. He puts her on her side and decides that his cock is more deserving than her toy to be in her ass. He fucks her ass and Adriana can barely keep her composure. His cock feels far too good that she needs to fill her mouth with it. He's had enough of her mouth, he wants to fill her wet pussy while her but-plug fills her ass. She rides him vigorously and shrieks at her holes being stretched to their limits. He takes mercy on her and removes her toy, but now he stretches her ass with his big cock, she rides him and moans. He introduces her toy again and she shrieks at the sudden stretching of her gape and pink pussy. He sits up on the couch and switches her position. She rides him reverse cowgirl while he keeps her legs in the air to fully stretch her asshole; she moans and shrieks as his cock penetrates her asshole and she fingers her throbbing pussy. He sits her sideways and fucks her tight pussy and gives her asshole a rest, but not for long as he jams his cock back into her asshole as she moans at the insertion. He makes her get up and bends her over on the couch and fucks her in the ass as she grimaces and moans at the girth and length of his cock stretching out her asshole. Feeling his cum almost dripping out the tip of his penis, he takes his dick out of her ass and blasts his load on her face and in her mouth. She smiles and sucks out every last drop of cum out of his cock. She spits out his cum on her toy and fucks her ass with it. Until next time, goddess Adriana.


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