Ana Foxxx Anal Destroyed Disco Dick Queen


Ana Foxxx is ready for her disco-themed anal sex party. She waits around for the person she invited over. She is in the kitchen wearing a colorful bikini. She seems to be getting bored that she begins dancing in front of the camera, slowly stripping off her clothes. With her bikini top on the floor, Anna poses seductively, teasing whoever is watching her behind the camera. Markus Dupree, her most-awaited visitor arrives donning a gray long-sleeved T-shirt and jeans. He hurriedly approaches Ana and kisses her on the lips, as he teasingly pulls her necklace, turning her on. She then hurriedly kneels on the floor, unbuckles his belt and unzips his pants until his big dick is free. Ana teases him by giving him a handjob before licking and sucking the tip of his penis. Markus is becoming impatient so he grabs her hair and guides her into taking his full-length member inside her mouth. She sucks his dick, staring straight into his eyes until his cock is hard and ready to fuck. Both Ana and Markus are now naked. She is standing with her upper body slowly bent while he kneels on the floor as he pleasures her ass hole. Markus puts her bikini bottom in her mouth, telling her not to make a sound as they have butt sex. Markus thrusts his big hard dick inside her ass hole, without any warning, making Ana reach out to the pillar for support. He fucks her hard from behind before putting her on the ground, on all fours, without taking his dick out. Markus pulls out and they move to the glass table. He puts Ana on top and slowly thrusts his dick inside her butt hole for some good ass fucking time. He is doing it too slow that Ana can feel her butt hole opening up, adjusting to his size. It drives her crazy. Markus Dupree and Ana Foxxx finish fucking in the doggy-style position.


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