Alektra Blue Broken And Punished


Alektra Blue dominates the room with her neon yellow top with its back part sliced into ribbons. She also wore fishnet stockings and a pair of black heels to complete her look. Her long dark hair almost reaches her back and it sways beautifully as she moves. She sat alone in one of those window seats, fondling her breasts and fingering her pussy. She had climaxed once but she’s still not satisfied. Alektra wished for a cock to scratch her itch inside her. Her lust is overwhelming and it threatens to drown her. The answer to her prayers came in the form of James Deen. He is wearing a black shirt and jeans. He approached Alektra and cups her ass with his right hand, while the left went to squeeze her breasts. James spreads her ass and briefly fingers her hole before standing up and making her lick the fingers he stuck up her ass. He reaches out for Alektra’s huge tits and squeezed them a bit. From her breasts, his hand slowly makes it down to her legs, then all the way down to her pussy. She spreads her legs wide, giving him more access, as he caresses her clitoris and the walls of her almost wet pussy. She feels hornier as he continues on. He bends Alektra over and rams his cock into her cunt. He moaned in pleasure as he snaps his hips back and forth. James turns her around and fucks her in a missionary position. He then lifts both of her legs up wanting her shaved pussy to be tightly-wrapped around his dick. His throbbing cock is almost ready to come. He then fucks her with her back on his chest and one of her legs raised. James continues fucking her while she rubs her clit. She got on her knees again to give him another blowjob, where she lapped his dick and the precum oozing out from the tip. James Deen sat down and let Alektra Blue crawl to him. Once she reached him, she wrapped her mouth around his velvety appendage and keep sucking until he exploded.


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