Ana Lingus Gets Her Ass Violated


Ana Lingus, James Deen


Ana Lingus is wearing a mask and a tight hot black outfit, she is getting ready to have her ass destroyed by James Deen. She is stripping down and showing off her tight sexy body: her amazing ass and perfect tits. She spreads her butt cheeks to show off how delicious her asshole looks. James Deen can't wait to get a hold of Ana. As soon as he does, makes her suck his cock. She takes it like a champ, deep into her throat. Once James has enough of that, he starts to fuck her from the front. Then he puts Ana on her back and inserts his dick into her tight little asshole, he pounds it hard but is too tight, so he goes down on her, licking her asshole to make it wet, then he goes back to fucking it. Ana's ass is so tight that James needs to take a break, so he pulls his cock out of her ass and makes Ana clean it with her mouth. After that turns Ana around and starts to fuck her from behind, smashing her ass hard. They change position a few times before James takes his cock out and cums all over Anas's stomach, tits and face.


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